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Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 dree download shall bring you some new features. And it would be best if you made your gameplay be unique in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0.

Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 Free Download
Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0

About Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0

Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 free download is nearly complete. And you shall need this game downloaded from the main website of us. You need to read this post and get all the new features of this game.

New added things for the FNAF game:

  • The custom night is the first thing we have for you in this game. You need to know all about the gameplay of a custom night. Players will have to choose monsters, and they will appear during your game.
  • The graphics of this game have been changed, and players will need to set them up in the main menu. This will help you to keep your game running well on the PC. The mobile phone version is not ready yet.
  • Fangame has sent some unique monsters to this game. And you shall need to fight with them to get to the final battle. This is where you meet your boss and kill it.

Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 will have a newer version. But right now, this is what we have for you. So enjoy it!


by: Mickey_Lets_Plays_Official @13_Sonic_Games

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