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After Hours Free Download offers a more realistic world in Freddy Fazbear Pizza with incredible animation and sound effects. Explore now in this free offer.

After Hours

After Hours – Demo

After Hours blows a real breeze to the gaming world where you can explore in a third person’s view.

The game brings you to Redbury town in Ohio, where you are able to walk around the restaurant and its neighborhood, terminate the power and tolerate the guards.

After Hours gives you the chance to become animatronic and assigns you the power to operate weapons, drive vehicles and repair yourself when a part gets broken.

The major mission in this Five Nights at Freddy’s is to explore the town, talk to people and other animatronics, find items, buy endoskeleton parts to upgrade yourself. The characters you can play are Chica, Freddy, Foxy and Bonnie. What’s great is you can switch between them seamlessly.

When you enter the town, use the ultimate database provided for animatronics to hunt down lurking criminals. It’s not a duty but justice makes you wish to clear the evil off the town. Catch those bad guys and bring them to the cops is what you aim to. There are so much to do and many locations to explore in Redburry. Play a hero now.


by: RomejanicDev @Romejanic

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