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AFTEREFFECT will be a game with a new story and brand new gameplay. You will send yourself to a 3D and 16 bits Five Nights at Freddy’s game world.



AFTEREFFECT will be unique from other horror games you have. This version of the FNAF game will allow you to wander in a horror place. This is where you meet some monsters, and they will not try to kill you.

But you will have to fight some boss if you want to move on. The horror game will also allow you to have solo gameplay. You will soon have the online version, but it will be harder than this one. And you will need to pay more time to win each stage.

Your battle will not stop until you get all the information you need for this game. Once you have killed monsters of this version, you will know that it is not hard to kill them. Five Nights at Freddy’s will be more complex than this game. So we will send you more battles in the next game version. And you can have more fun when playing this game.

AFTEREFFECT Free Download is over here. You will need it to download your game.


by: SpleeTeam @SpleeTeam

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