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Animatronic Salvage – Original Version Free Download will bring you a lot of ways to have fun. And one of the best ways will be to download the Fnaf fan games for your PC.

Animatronic Salvage – Original Version for PC brings you some tips. And these tips will help you to kill all the machines or stop them from getting too close to you.

As you know, there will be many ways for you to kill the machines. But not all of us can show you those skills. We will bring you some Animatronic Salvage – Original Version skills that might be useful for you in the game.

Some new ways to kill:

The first way to stay alive in this game will be to keep low and keep your eyes on the machines. They will come for you, and before you know it, they will end you.

Bonnie will be the silent one. If you move close to you, use the guitar. He will stop or run away from you.

Freddy will be afraid of electric shock. If he gets too close to you, give him a surprise. Chica does not like to live without song and sound. Make some good noise, and she will stay still.

Fnaf fan games will bring you more surprises soon!


by MysticMCMFP @MysticMC-MFP_Official

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