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Baby’s Nightmare Circus APK is a horror game based on FNAF: Sister Location. It’s free to download for Android and easy to test your own survivability!

Baby’s Nightmare Circus APK download free

Baby’s Nightmare Circus

It’s completely simple to enjoy the challenge on Android devices via the APK file. It’s a small FNAF fan-game inspired by the FNAF series by Scott Cawthon.


In this story, you’ve gotten lost in your mind. You are trapped in a strange and creepy building. Everything including rotten animatronic mascots in the location will suddenly behave strangely as if they are possessed.

You cannot wake up and remember anything. However, you can carry out actions to protect yourself from that terrifying nightmare.

With the flashlight, you can make scary creatures leave you alone. It means that they can’t attack or catch you. Besides, it’s possible to take advantage of every device around your area.

More importantly, you must seek the way out quickly. Otherwise, you can get stuck in your sleep forever.

Are you willing to fight against all of the monsters in Baby’s Nightmare Circus APK for Android and become the winner? Each of them will appear with unique movements. Try to survive until the last moment and you will achieve your goal!


by: Anton16658 @Anton16658Reackts

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