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Back For More 2 Free Download will be what you want to try next. It features lots of changes of characters and gameplay. Want to know? Read this article.

Back For More 2

Back For More 2 Story

Back For More 2 sends more monsters to give you a cray-cray. In this version, you are going to explore the world of numerous animatronics that get even more aggressive.

The main characters are Meenie, Manny, Springjaw, Freddy Fazbear, Foxtron, Jack Shelton. Those are their real names.

Back For More 2 offers a number of gameplay in different characters. For example, on night 1-5, you’re going to play David Pinto, Greg, Adam, Henry, or None of the above. This FNaF fan game provides you up to 420 cameras to open your eyes wide.

Since cameras are your essential surviving tool, make use of them well. Walking through the darkness should be one of the toughest challenges but facing the deadly animatronics is a true horror experience.

As the name of the mod indicates, Back for more 2 means more monsters. Unlike other fangames, this one calls out almost all FNaF animatronics you have known in other ones. Some of them are redesigned to be more horrific. Would you stand up for your life?


by: Nexagonal @Nexagonal

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