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Bad Time Trio (OFFICIAL) [Undertale Fan Game] Free Download brings joy to fans of the game Undertale (Toby Fox). If you have an adventure in the monster world of King Asgore, you will love the game.

The game adds to Undertale’s signature challenges. The game is an excellent upgraded version.

An overview of the game

The game is a masterpiece of lol_mcatr—the play was published in July 2018. According to the comments of many professional gamers, they think that the game is quality.

The game offers Undertale’s best quality challenges. Besides the skeleton Sans, you can meet an interesting anime girl from nishimori38.


Bad Time Trio (OFFICIAL) [Undertale Fan Game] has many super points such as:

  • The challenges are unique and extremely fun.
  • The game has 2D pixel graphics and immersive sound.
  • You can confront a trio of monsters. Each monster has its attacks. Players need time to master the fighting style of each beast.
  • The game has a score ranking system, and you can share your achievements with your friends.

If you love Toby Fox’s crazy challenges, you’ll also love the uniqueness of lol_mcatr.


In short, Bad Time Trio Download is an excellent choice if you want a new experience about the world of Undertale. Of course, things are not easy for newbies.

Download the game and prove yourself with the monster trio!


by: lol_mcatr @lol_mcatr

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