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Broken Dreams will be the little game you need to play if you want to learn more skills in FNAF. You can have this game on PC and then make your game start right after that. This game will send you back to the land of monsters and demons.

Broken Dreams Free Download
Broken Dreams Free Download

In the game, you must follow all the instructions from the maker. That will help you to get used to the game first. Then you can make your way into this game by following your mind. The game will keep your time and things to count on. So make it worthwhile for you, or you will have no chance to win this game.

FNaF Games also provide another version for this game. You can download the next version on our page. And it will have more features for you to play. This game only gives you 30 minutes to get to the end of the game. And if you like this version, we will make more for you.

Broken Dreams download for PC including in the main post.


by: oddRL @oddRL

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