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CHAOS Custom Night will allow you to get into a new office. There will be 25 and more cameras for you in this game. Use them wisely so you can watch for any movement in your place. This game also gives you 140 characters to choose from.

CHAOS Custom Night Free Download
CHAOS Custom Night Free Download

They come with a special and unique outlook. These monsters were also designed to keep players in their rooms. Or the last thing they know will be blood and monsters’ faces.

You will have to stay alive in this place for 6 long hours. Until the sunrise, you can not do anything but stay still and watch them move. They will try to get in your room but don’t let them do that. No one knows what they will do to you.

FNaF Games have more fun waiting for you. They are all for free, so if you need one horror game to make your day, download this one. CHAOS Custom Night free download function will help you. We always give you help if you need some from the game jolt. Thank you, players!


by: CHAOS Custom Night @Splayd

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