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CHASE: Animatronics Free Download will give you a chase, and this chase will be different. FNAF fan games will let you know what will happen in this horror-funny game.

About CHASE: Animatronics

CHASE: Animatronics Download is a mini-game. And when you come to this game, you will have your chance to meet all FNAF monsters.

  • Freddy: he will chase you and then kill you. Among the machines we have, this one will be the fastest.
  • Bonnie: he will trap you on the way to your win. So you need to watch your step when he is close to you.
  • Chica: this one will be a CHASE: Animatronics character. And he likes to cut you in half and then eat you.
  • Foxy: he doesn’t like when you appear in this place. So you better stay away before he gets angry.

In this game, there will be only a 16 bits mini-game to play. You will need to run away from the machines in this game. They will chase, trap, and then cut you into pieces. FNAF games will give you some items.

Collecting or using them will help you win. We have some new updates that you might like. Get them and start this battle!


by: Team EKS @TeamEKS

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