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Chica Simulator will give you this game, but first, you need to know what is in this version. So we will show you anything you can find in this game. Along with all the features and game mode. Here you are:

Chica Simulator Free Download
Chica Simulator
  • This game will allow you to meet all the monsters we have in FNAF. There will be 7 monsters with the name of Chicas. So players will have to face them in different difficulty modes.
  • You can have more than 5 items in this game. These items will be the key for you to win your battle. As long as you keep your items in your pocket, there will be nothing that can hurt you.
  • FNAF Games will have four difficulties for you to try. Each one will send you a different fight and battle. As long as you keep your mind strong, there will be no monsters that can hurt you.

Chica Simulator Free Download is now open entirely for you. This version will come along with some changes. Download them all to make your home fabulous!


by: MrSnakeGames @MrSnakeGames

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