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Clickertale 3 Free Download builds on the original main game with the same name. This game is about you and the world of clicking.

All you need in this game will be a mouse and your brain. So think out what you need to do next and win this nightmare by yourself.

Clickertale 3 new modes: (challenge mode)

We have added some new modes for this game, and the challenge mode will be one of them. All you need to do is fight your fear and try to kill all the monsters that appear.

In this mode, we will have some parts of the main story. And you need to read them if you want to know better about how to win!


There will be three levels for you to choose from in this game version. Each one of them will allow you to battle with monsters, bullets, and dark creatures.

The toughest one will be the Challenge mode, like we mentioned above. That mode will kill you if you don’t stay focused in the game.

Clickertale 3 Download will allow you to download and play this game with yourself. There will be no online mode for players. All you have will be yourself.

And you will soon know how hard it will be to fight alone. We will send you more info about this version next time. Come back for more!


by: RegularGamesStudio @RegularGamesStudio

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