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Creepy Nights At Freddy’s Android Edition free download for your android device. You can experience this excellent fangame anywhere. Check it out here.

Creepy Nights At Freddy's Android Edition Free Download
Creepy Nights At Freddy’s Android Edition

reepy Nights At Freddy’s This time on an android phone

Creepy Nights At Freddy’s Android Edition Free Download is designed for PC. And it was released with android edition by Najtmer. Of course, you can download it for free and enjoy it on your android device as well. Even though this game is launched on another platform, the gameplay is remains as the original on PC. In other words, this game is still a click-to-point survival horror game with a hint of horror and violence.

In this Creepy Nights At Freddy’s Android Edition, you will play as a night guard in Fazbear’s Pizzeria, take the night shift from 12 A.M to 6 A.M of the next day. This time is when Animatronics wake up and roam through the facility. Your duties are to secure everything in the restaurant and survive from the animatronic gang as well. They are willing to murder anyone.

You have to deal with many deadly situations caused by Animatronics. Defend yourself against their attacks by using surrounding objects, tracking their movements with the security camera, and stopping them from reaching you.
With the android edition, you can play this FNaF Android anytime, anywhere.


by: Najtmer @Najtmer

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