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Dark Deception Free Download is ready for your download. We will soon bring this game for free on our page. And till that time, you still need to try this horror game on your Steam.

The way to play the game:

This is a running game, and you need to run all the time to win it. The game will allow you to get into some different and unique mazes.

Dark Deception will allow players to have some special ability. And they can use these to fight with the monsters.

In these places, you will need to run and never let the monsters catch up with you. They will kill you once they have you in their hands.

In this game, you also need to get through some jumpscare. They will come and make you bleed. Before they do that, collect all the gems and find the door out of the room.

Dark Deception Download

Free and safe is what we can tell about this game. Steam will support you all the time, especially with the update.


by Glowstick Entertainment  @GlowstickEntertainment

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