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DARK MURDERS Free Download will lead you to Simon’s Restaurant. This place is full of machines and also some monsters. A unique big FNAF World!


DARK MURDERS Download is support for download games we give you. This will help you to download the game and then update it. The version of this game we have for you will soon be changed. The features and also the story will also be changed.

This game is about you and the adventure of yourself in this Simon’s Restaurant. The owner of this place does his business, not for property. All he wants will be something else, and that will not be money or fame.

The FNAF World will give you more than just a horror world. You will fall in this darkness for a very long time.

When you come to this place, there will be some machines to welcome you. And the staff of this place have quit their job, and no one will help you with your mission. To keep your job, you will have to work as a nightguard.

DARK MURDERS will give you five nights to stay and fight. All you have will be some tools and some new notes. Read them, and you will soon know what to do in your gameplay.


by: Amjed Bn @Amjed-Bn-PLM

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