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Would you try Desolate Nights HD Free Download at night and see how far can you reach? This horror FNaF fan game will give you true horror. Check it out.

Desolate Nights HD

Desolate Nights HD Free Download

Desolate Nights HD is one of the scariest FNaF-fan games you can find. It takes you to the journey of Joel Ticson in Fountain Circus. You are going to explore a number of filthy secrets here.

The graphics in Desolate Nights HD is what scares people most. You’ll begin in a dark office room with 4 monitors which you can access the surveillance cameras. Be careful when clicking on different objects as they scatter different effects that may draw in the deadly animatronics. During the time you surf from one screen to another, a monster may show up when you’re back at the current location and kill you.

It’s not even easy to escape the first room as Ballora could be the first one there to welcome you. When you are dead, the screen will be filled with Ballora’s creepy face. Sometimes, the cameras may not work properly. So, they may give you error signals. The situation may freak you out but keep calm and keep an eye on your life. Try this FNaF fan game and experience the bottom of hell.


by: Mr_Hipster @Mr_Hipster

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