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Do You Copy? Free Download brings a strange story in a dark forest. The game is terrifying, and you need the patience to solve all the puzzles.

An overview of the game

The game comes from a small manufacturer – SpaceOctopusStudios. You can find the game on gamejolt, and the official version of the game is free.

You are a ranger, and you must protect the safety of the forest. You work in the fourth tower, and you see many beautiful things in the woods. You face pursuit from Goatman, and you must protect the life of the climber.


“Do You Copy?” make a difference through things like:

  • Players can see many exciting things in the forest: trees, sky, lake, and fantastic light trails.
  • The game offers various challenges from hikers’ lines, strange radio noises, and blackboard news tidbits.
  • The game has a great ending, and the player will have a memorable journey.
  • The game has high-quality 3D graphics and highly realistic sound. The characters are voiced seriously.


In short, if you love Horror Game, this is a great choice. Graphics, sound, and ideas are all excellent.

In addition, the game has various open endings. Players need to wait for a future update to understand all the mystery.

Download the game to explore the mysterious forest and understand Goatman!


by: Space Octopus Studios @SpaceOctopusStudios

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