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> Dormitabis is a horror game. In this game, you need to understand all the rules. This will help you to win the game faster. This version will send you to a room, and you can manage your game with a screen. And on that screen, there will be some cameras for you.

> Dormitabis Free Download
> Dormitabis Free Download

Each monster that comes to your game will look different. They will try to kill you, but you can stop them right when they show up in front of the camera. You can also call for help from another night guard by the black and white screen in your office.

Five Nights at Freddy’s will be different from this game. When in the original game, you need to live until the last night comes. Right now, you have to stay alive longer, and more challenges will come to you. These monsters will destroy your life and take your heart away from your body.

> Dormitabis Download Free for all machines. You can have more fun games for your PC and mobile. Have fun!


By: Nicchi @Blackout1912

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