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Eddie and the Misfits is a horror story about some monsters trying to take over the human body. They are monsters who live in hell, and no one knows what they want from humans and this world.

Eddie and the Misfits Free Download
Eddie and the Misfits Free Download

When you enter the game, players will wake up in a room full of cameras and a flashlight. They are tools from the game, and you can use them to defeat this game. The camera will allow you to detect any movement on your shelf.

And the flashlight will help you to walk in the dark. But players should never be so confident because that flashlight will turn off when the battery is low. Make sure that the flashlight will be full of battery when you come out from your home page.

These FNAF Games are free for players, and they will have all the help they need. You will need to read the game’s instructions if you are in your first time playing an FNAF horror game.

Download Eddie and the Misfits free is also very easy for new players. They can download this game from the original horror game page. Or download them from the CH Play if they were using a phone. This free game will soon be updated for more features. Check out the best version for you.


By: Ramenov @Ramenov

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