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Do you want to play FNaF Sister Location in Minecraft-like edition? Ennard’s Night Official Free Download is all ready for you. What are you waiting for? Get it now.

Ennard’s Night Official

Ennard’s Night Official Version: 0.3.5

Ennard’s Night Official Free Download is a FNaF fanmade game created by Pzicosis. Like most of Scott Cawthon’s other original FNAF games, Ennard’s Night’s gameplay still centers on a spine-chilling adventure. You have to play as a watchman working at the night shift in a creepy building. Your duties simply are secure everything well here. But it not so easy as you think, since you have to survive from the animatronic gang. These creatures start moving at night and willing to murder anyone.

You must defend yourself against their attacks by using surrounding objects, tracking their movements with the security camera, and preventing them from reaching you. Or not, you will get a fatality ending.

With the familiar gameplay and the original game’s feel, Ennard’s Night Official is pretty awesome! The visuals were spot on, the intensity and jumpscares all gave off the same vibe the original game did. This game made it possible for players who can’t access FNaF Sister Location to have a feel of it.

Don’t hesitate to download Ennard’s Night Official to play FNaF Sister Location in Minecraft-like edition!


by: Pzicosis @Pzicosis

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