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Faz-Anim Free Download is a FNaF animatronic simulator being in the stage of Early Alpha. Wanna test your nerve of iron? Check out this game right here.


Faz-Anim Version: 1.37.2

Faz-Anim Free Download was released a few days ago by The64thGamer as an early alpha version. This fangame was introduced as software to create your own shows and songs. More precisely, Faz-Anim is an educational and entertainment software for recreating old animatronic “shows” in the Five Nights at Freddy’s universe.

Faz-Anim intends to preserve the formats and techniques of the past to help Freddy’s feel as real to life as it can. It also allows the creation of new shows, and to customize the look of the visualization to match the vast history of the stages and characters. You can create and edit the data stream used to animate characters and lights by programming. Later on, animatronic shows would adopt video as a means for multimedia performances. The video would be displayed up on TVs around or on the stage and would be in sync with the audio and data.

The software is still in its early alpha state. The developer announced that they will update Faz-Anim frequently with new features, stages, costumes, and other animatronic shows in the FNaF universe! Updates will be released twice a week to every two weeks.


by: The64thGamer @The64thGamer

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