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Final Nights will help you know what is on the last night of this game. You will meet some monsters that are only alive in the FNaF Fan Games world.

Final Nights


Final Nights will allow you to have some time before the battle begins. You will; have more time when the sun comes up, which is the only time you can get out of your room. The night guardroom will not be that safe at night.

But it will be the place for you to watch any movement in the horror place. The players can not get anything from this room, but the other will be different. We hide some objects that you might need for your game in the rooms.

If you want to have more chances to survive, you should check for all the rooms because you could find something that helps full for your battle. FNaF Fan Games is getting ready for your download and if you need some support. The page below will be the place for you to give questions and take answers.

Final Nights Free Download is pumped up to the top place of the main page. You can check for what you need there!


by: JeliLiam @JeliLiam

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