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Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake free download has just been released. Be among the first ones, who pass five nights at Coso 2. Get to know more about it here.

Five Nights At Coso 2 - Remake Free Download
Five Nights At Coso 2 – Remake

Five Nights At Coso 2 – Remake Version: 1.4.0

Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake Free Download is one of the new fangames in the horror series Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is announced as the official Clickteam remake. In the game, the main antagonist is Coro, who is brown skin with blue eyes and a big smile. During the day, Coso with his sister Cosa stands on the stage to wave and talk to the children in a friendly look. But during the night, he is no longer what he is like during the day. There is a weird thing hiding under his brown skin.

Begin the part-time job at a mysterious restaurant as a night guard, you don’t know that Coro is aiming at you. You have to stay alive in the home of modern animatronics mascots at the end of each stage. You will get support from the most advanced technologies. Remember that the new-gen animatronics can’t stay in a room if the amount of oxygen is below the allowable level, and you too. Take care!

Five Nights at Coso 2 – Remake is a well-rated FNaF fangame. Download this FNaF fan game for free and try your best.


by: MidaGames @MidaGames


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