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Find your Five Nights at Dawko’s Free Download right here and get the hang of the game just before jumping into its world. Read right here to know the game.

Five Nights at Dawko’s

Five Nights at Dawko’s [ENG]

Five Nights at Dawko’s was first designed for YouTuber Dawko made by Studio MeeM (@LOLTV). It welcomes you to the Pizza World of Dawko which is a magical and fun world for everyone. However, the “fun” is in terms of jumpscares.

Like many fangames, Five Nights at Dawko’s starts each night from 0am to 6am when you have to patrol through the office. There are three entries on the left, center and right. You are armed with a gun to shoot the animatronics if they show up.

After each night, you can play as Dawko in a minigame in which you will approach the Purple Guy who dances on a hurdle of dead bodies. When you reach him, the minigame will end. Each night, you meet a different character whom you need to defeat. And you will play a different character each night in a different location, watching a CCTV. Some animatronics you are not supposed to kill but lure away or stay off that one.

Enjoy the FNAF games and the comedic nature that this one offers.


by: Studio MeeM @LOLTV

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