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Five Nights at Ducky Free Download have just released a few days ago. Be one of the first to experience this game. Don’t wait any longer. Get this game now.

Five Nights At Ducky

Five Nights at Ducky RELEASE Version: 0.1.0

Five Nights at Ducky Free Download is a fangame that taken inspiration from the original FNaF series. It is also a remaster of the “Five Nights at Sparckys” created by Sparckman. No doubt that you will experience lots of horror elements in the game.

In this game, you decided to take a job as a night guard at a terrible building for money. And Ducky, a spooky and evil animatronic, usually wanders to every corner around the building at night. He is willing to murder anyone and Ducky has targeted you. But you don’t know that. If you ignore him for a moment, he will jumpscare you. That means you have got a fatality ending. So try your hardest to get past all hazardous and prevent Ducky The Animatronic from killing you.

Five Nights at Ducky was confirmed by many players as one of the hardest Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame. Download it for free and have a funny time.


by: Sunken Studios @SunkenStudios

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