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Five Nights at Leon's: REMASTERED Free Download
Five Nights at Leon’s: REMASTERED

Five Nights at Leon’s: REMASTERED will send you some new things to play. And here you are, waiting for the new update to be released. Let’s see what we have for you in the new gameplay.

  • The first thing you shall have in this version will be the SUB. This will help you to know what the monsters want to tell you. The story of the game will also be the sub for you. It will be a good way for you to know better about the game.
  • We have a custom night. This is where you start your game in your way. Players will be allowed to download and add all the monsters they want to the game. And then they can use this mode to make a fight with some custom monsters. Five Nights at Freddy’s will be more fun with some other players to join you.
  • A lot of new cutscenes have been added to this game.


By: OA3Games @OA3Games

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