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Five Nights at Maggie’s (Classic) is made and developed by Manuel Genaro. It is where you will be able to experience a thrilling story with your favorite animatronic characters. Let’s get started to get it for free download here and enjoy it in your own way.


The game comes along with a creepy story in which you will be the main character who experiences interesting but terrible moments.

This story takes place at Maggie’s Magical World. It is a great pizzeria for the family. Kids and their parents can come here to have experiences full of joy and fun. Enjoy the meal with a lot of delicious food.

This location decides to buy animatronic robots such as Maggie, Lola, and Chanchi to satisfy the customers while they enjoy their meal. That is the reason why they now are in need of hiring a worker to watch out for the equipment and animatronic robots at night.

And you get this job. You will take responsibility for the night shift and keep an eye on these characters, especially their behavior. If you see something weird happening, protect yourself. Try your best to drive them off by anyways.

Get ready to download Five Nights at Maggie’s (Classic) for free here and start things off.


by: Manuel Genaro @ManuelGenaro

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