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Five Nights at Polar’s 2: The Past Returns Free Download aims to give the players a variety of new, thrilling experiences and many challenges. Get it now.

Five Nights At Polar’s 2: The Past Returns

Five Nights at Polar’s 2 – The Past Returns Version: 0.1.4

Five Nights at Polar’s 2: The Past Returns Free Download is also like the original FNaF game. The game immerses players in a horror story centering around Jeremy.

After the pizzeria closed, Jeremy didn’t give up and wanted to start a new business to take his brand back. In this time, he decided to design the animatronics by himself and use them as the key element for his business.

However, the personnel left out, parts removed, old carcasses, and rusty endoskeletons. He needs to hire a nightguard to work on the night shift in order to keep an eye on the safety of this place.

In Five Nights at Polar’s 2: The Past Returns, you will play as a night guard there. But what’s unusual is that the animatronics has several malfunctions. Be careful with these animatronics since they will give you jumpscares if you let them approach you closer. Try your best to complete your night shift for five terrible nights. If you are alive then, you’ll get a big reward.


by: BreNo Kunioka @BreNoKunioka

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