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Five Nights at Ronald’s Free Download brings new horror nights at the MacRonalds pizzeria. The crazy animatronics are waiting for you.

Five Nights at Ronald’s Download offers five horror nights at the MacRonalds pizzeria.

Get the game and use the security camera to deal with the crazy animatronics!

An overview of the game

TanforDev is the creator of this game. You can download the game for free right on this website or gamejolt.

The game is a great indie product and is inspired by Scott’s series.

Discover the fun of the game right below!


Five Nights at Ronald’s has many new features, including:

  • The game offers an exciting storyline, and you will explore the MacRonalds pizzeria.
  • The player plays a security guard, and you will have to complete many exciting challenges—the answer to the painful truth at the end of the game.
  • You must use the cameras in your office and stay away from the gazes of the mad animatronics.


In short, the game offers a unique new experience in the horror genre. Get ready for amazing jumpscares from crazy animatronics!

Check out Five Nights At Freddy’s and enjoy other fun games!


by: Tanfor Dev @TanforDev

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