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Five Nights at Sonic’s: Maniac Mania (Outdated) is the best version of the FNAF game. We bring you this game with only one reason, to give you more fear. Other games will soon be updated so players could have more dangerous levels and challenges.

Five Nights at Sonic's: Maniac Mania download for pc

When you come to this game, you must bring all your bravery and skill. The winning position will only allow players who try their best. Some tips will also be added to this post. Newbies should read them if they want to get to the end.

FNaS Games is a series of horror games that are based on both Sonic and FNAF games. These games bring players different choices on what and when to start the game. It means you can play every night you want. There will be a custom mode for players too. You can choose monsters and a playground to begin your challenge.

Five Nights at Sonic’s: Maniac Mania (Outdated) Free Download is the first thing you need to do. If you want this horror game, download it!


by: SmilerFurcifer @PyroRapidFox

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