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Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated Free Download will have a switch that allows you to change from America to British gameplay. A unique FNAF game creation!


Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated Download is a page. This page will give you all the horror games and updates you need. We make this game in two modes, and each mode will help you play the game differently.

What new:

  • This game adds the phone guy to your office. It would be best if you used this phone and contacted that guy. He will help you with your battle against all the machines here.
  • FNAF games use coal instead of electricity. So you need to get to the basement and then refill the coal. It will keep your office light. It will also help you to stay away from the monster here.
  • The monster that you have to face in this game will also be Thomas. We know this is a cartoon character, but this time he will be different. And he will come along with scary sound effects.

There will be five nights, and each night will be different. You need to fight with all the to Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated monsters to win. The night will be longer each day.


by: Jfun300 @jfun300

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