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Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official) will show you not a thing but fear and nightmare. The more you stay in this game, the bigger your apprehension will become. Once you have all the things you need, let’s jump in and see how long you can stay in this horrible place.

Five Nights at Treasure Island Free Download
Five Nights at Treasure Island Free Download

Monsters come from anywhere. Players always need to be careful if they don’t want these monsters to jump at them. Sound will be an essential thing in this version. When you hear a weird sound, there will be some monsters coming to you. Players need to run as fast as they can if they want to live longer in the game.

There will be five nights for you in this version. We will soon add the six nights for you, and if that is not enough, you should have an endless night. FNaF fangame will update all the things you need to play this game as well as possible. You only need to make clear what you should do next. Your game will end in two different ways: you win, and the other is you die. So what will you do in this horror game?

Download Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official) free will have all the support you need. All you have to do is press the download and play!


by: Radiance Team @RadianceGamesOfficial

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