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Five Nights at Yoshi’s (Non-Profit Fangame) Free Download will be a new game for horror FNAF lovers. FNAF fan game will soon bring this game to your PC, and the mobile version is ready.

Five Nights at Yoshi's Free Download
Five Nights at Yoshi’s

About Five Nights at Yoshi’s

Five Nights at Yoshi’s is a horror game we make for people who like challenges. This version will ask you to make some battles with machines, monsters, and also some mini-games. First, let’s talk about the story of this version!

The big story behind:

Yoshi and Friends is a famous cartoon in our town. And one day, this channel went off, and no one knew what happened.

The owner of this channel decided to rebuild it and also start a chain of restaurants. So this will be where you work as a nightguard. And there will be a lot of money for you when you do this job.

Five Nights at Yoshi’s Five Nights at Yoshi’s (Non-Profit Fangame) will bring you the custom mode. This mode will allow you to get in the fight and fight with all puppets you want. There will be some other modes added to this version too.

FNAF fangame don’t have the story mode for you. We only have the extra mode and the custom mode. And we will bring you more fun machines for your battle.


by:  jeb_yoshi @jeb_yoshi

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