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Five Nights in Anime 2 is a horror game, but it looks very different with sexy monsters and adult details. You shall have your five nights to fight with these monsters, but they are not the same as other games.

Five Nights in Anime 2 download for pc
Five Nights in Anime 2

Players will need to stay in the night guard room and try to stop these monsters. They will try to get close to you, and then when you take your eyes away from them, you are done!

These monsters use the body of sexy machines and attract players to believe in what they tell them. When you lose all your mind in this trap, you shall lose your life and your game. Five Nights at Freddy’s has given this version many details that might never be seen before. The more you fight with these monsters, the better your skill will get.

Five Nights in Anime 2 Download Free for your PC, and a mobile version is coming. There will be some games that you need to play. They help you know better about the technique to win this horror night.


By: Mairusu @Mairusu

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