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Five Night’s of Flirting is a 2D game that brings some new detail and gameplay to your FNAF night. This game aims to give players more store and case to break. You will have to stay with some NPC, and they can talk to you. Players need to find out the truth about this place. Our Last Night will have a dead person, and that could be you.

Five Night's of Flirting Free Download
Five Night’s of Flirting

Monsters will not appear in this game, but you shall see the dark side of them. When people start to kill each other and monsters, watch for you in the dark. This game also brings you some love stories and ends up with the death of one side.

You can join the story and talk with other characters. They will show you something about the rumor about this place. FNaF fangame will send you some more fun stories to read. Players need to base on them and make their plan to win.

Download Five Night’s of Flirting free. If you need anything, come and try our support from the main page.


By: Zombbean @Zombbean

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