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If you are a fan of both Minecraft and FnaF series, Five Nights With Herobrine Free Download has already been for you. Don’t wait too long. Get the game.

Five Nights With Herobrine Free Download
Five Nights With Herobrine

Five Nights With Herobrine Version: 0.1.1

Five Nights With Herobrine Free Download is a Fan game inspired by Minecraft. In the game, you play as Steve – a familiar guy in blue. Our poor main character has a debt that needs to be paid. He has to work hard to make money. Currently, the restaurant named “Cake’s Family” is looking for watchman for night-shift. Steve decided to apply for a job at this place. Of course, he was accepted for his job. And some strange things start here…

In Steve’s situation, you have to deal with it. Five nights is probably not too long, but it is five challenging nights. What awaits you every night? Will you have the courage to overcome the challenge? Jump into Five Nights With Herobrine now and show your survivability.

What makes this game even more interesting is perhaps the graphic content built of Minecraft. You still feel the familiar gameplay of Minecraft, but you will also experience thrill and fear of FNAF fan game. In other words, you only take 1 but get 2. It is your opportunity to experience 2 in 1.


by: GamersOfNewAge @GamersOfNewAge

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