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Five Unreal Nights at Candy’s will be like a rainy day, wet and cold. Five Nights at Candy’s will give you the feeling that you can only find in this game.

Five Unreal Nights at Candy’s


Five Unreal Nights at Candy’s will be a game that is more about the underworld than the human world. This game will bring you to a place called a death trap. You will be the players who must stay here and fight with some monsters.

They will not let you win until you kill all of them. There is still one more way for you to win this game, and it will solve all the missions. In this way, you must find out who and what is behind this crime.

Or you and your friend will never get your way to go out of this place. The more you stay in this game, the higher level of the game will run. Players need to stay focused, or they will be trapped here forever. Five Nights at Candy’s can not give you anything but fear and scary things.

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by: The Frebby @TheFrebbyDev

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