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FNAC 4 (Working title) (Official) is an adventure of a man. This man receives a job as a nightguard. He has to take this job because he has no other choice. And he also doesn’t know what he is about to deal with. Monsters, demons or maybe some old machines. All the monsters you are looking at fight now. They are the creations of a max man. This man doesn’t know what he did to this world. The more he tries to fix it, the harder these monsters will be. This is all wrong and you can fix it!

FNAC 4 (Working title) (Official) Free Download
FNAC 4 (Working title) (Official) Free Download

This place used to have a lot of fun and birthday parties. But then something wrong happened with the customer. No one knows why they died and lost forever in this place. You are tired of hearing all the bad things about this place.

Walk-in this place and find out the truth is your choice. And you will never know how bad that choice could be in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Your fight will be endless, and you have to stay focused all the time. One wrong move can lead you to a horrible hell with no escape.

Download FNAC 4 (Working title) (Official) free for your PC and give us some feedback. We can make your game even better than this version. Thank you!


by: Emil “Ace” Macko @Emilmacko

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