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FNaC: R Mobile APK for Android Free Download is a horror Fangame created by Viktor Nifedow. It will test your bravery and intelligence. Are you ready to join this game right now?

FNaC:R Mobile


FNaC: R Mobile Free Download is a horror game. When it comes to the horror game genre, we immediately think of a popular game series- Five Nights at Freddy’s. FNaC: R is an unofficial sequel to Five Nights at Freddy’s. Now enjoy this game on your mobile phone with FNaC: R Mobile.

Like other horror games, you will be a guard, guarding a building or an office at night. There will be an appearance of violent animatronics. And the horror of the game begins. At night, the animatronics will behave abnormally and seem to kill you. You have to face their onslaught for five nights. A flashlight is the only aid you have. Go beyond the limit to fight for your safety. After five nights, you are safe then means you are the winner.

FNaC: R Mobile will let you enjoy all the features of a mobile version. If you are familiar with the desktop versions, this is an excellent opportunity to have a new experience on your smartphone. Hope you have fun with this FNaF APK!


by: Viktor Nifedow @RageonNickR

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