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If you are a big fan of both arcade game and Five Nights at Freddy’s series, Fnaf: Arcade Free Download for your passion. Just get it and fill your thirst for horror.

Fnaf: Arcade Free Download
Fnaf: Arcade

Fnaf: Arcade Version 0.6.8

Fnaf: Arcade Free Download is probably one of the rare Fan games in the horror genre that brings moments of real relaxation. This game was designed by Legitim8 as minigames with the 8-bit graphic.

The arcade game style always gives players a sense of nostalgia. Fnaf: Arcade still keeps the classic formula for an arcade video game: “easy to learn, but difficult to master.” Your missions is simply to complete all minigames by defeating the animatronics to unlock all of them. This fan game has easy and intuitive control schemes, and the difficulty increases with each level.

No need to have too many skills such as puzzle-solving, complex thinking, or strategy, you just focus on your reflexes to defeat the animatronics. Improve your dodge skills by using wads to move around. Observe health packs falling from the top of the screen and grab them to gain lives. And use your weapon to counterattack.

With addictive gameplay, you can sit for hours in front of your PC without being bored. And the game soundtracks is also touching to your very senses.


By: Legitim8 @lucasdekuyper

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