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FNAF: Killer in Purple 2 Free Download is a horrible nightmare. And in this nightmare, you will have to fight with William Afton, a monster that lives in Five Nights at Freddy’s world.

About FNAF: Killer in Purple 2

FNAF: Killer in Purple 2 download has some new things for you. The first thing we can bring you will be the story of this game.

The main story:

The town that you are living in will be very different. All the people here like to go to Malhare. That is the restaurant that was built by Afton’s hand. And this is not the place you want to come to.

The owner of this place is a max man. He built this whole building and decorated it like a fun show with endless nights. But right when the customer comes in, he will aim at kids. And then divide them from their parents.

After that, he will kill each one of them for fun. And this crime happens again in your hometown. FNAF: Killer in Purple 2 allows you to stop that by using the tools they give you. Make it use, or you will soon fail to win.

Five Nights at Freddy’s will bring you this story for free. And joy the moment you were here.


by: Golden Freddy Cinema  @GoldenFreddyCinema

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