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FNaF Multiplayer: Forgotten Pizzeria will send you to a dark place. And that is where you make your battle begin with all the monsters and machine puppets. This is a restaurant, and your job in this place will protect all the valuable things, including some machines, under the game’s storage.

FNaF Multiplayer: Forgotten Pizzeria Free Download
FNaF Multiplayer: Forgotten Pizzeria

When the night comes, everything seems to be normal. Until you realize something is watching you from the dark. You turn on the camera, and nothing there. It is only dark and furniture.

But in the previous nights, things went terribly. Some machine of Five Nights at Freddy’s suddenly appears in your office. And they seem to want to tell you something.

Players will also hear some sweepers at night. Maybe the demon lives within all the monsters here. This story will also lead you to a dead end, and you are the only one who can save yourself. So fight for your life and fight for the truth about this horror building. Download FNaF Multiplayer: Forgotten Pizzeria free now, and you will get updates for free.


By: Decimalis @Decimalis

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