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What is FNaF? How can you FNaF Origins Free Download? FNaF Originsstands for Five Nights at Freddy’s. What does Freddy own? No, he does not own anything, Freddy is an animatronic robot.

Searching for more details of FNaF Origins, you will find one interesting point is that it has not only one but a lot of versions that can satisfy your desires by exploring deeper this mysterious restaurant.

Pizza is one of the most favorite food of all kids all over the world. They may be lazy of eating bread or rice, but never refuse one piece of pizza. Therefore, a pizza restaurant in kids’ minds is warm and friendly. As they grew up, they will want to call back their childhood somehow by getting a job in a pizza restaurant.

In this pizza restaurant, you will play a role as a person who applied a summer job as a security guard. Your duties are to observe the camera screen from the small view of the office three animatronics robots. You can call them Freddy Fazbear and his two friends.

They are programmed to entertain the crowds and bring the customers, most of them are kids and parents, a lively environment that can attract them for the next visits. However, they are smart but still machines. Sometimes, when there are some errors in their body, you will do not want to know what they can do, especially as the night falls down. Therefore, you have to monitor whether they are in the wrong positions and put the robots back to places where they supposed to be.

Will you just sit it one place and watch the whole night. No, no, no, it is not easy like you think. The challenging feature is that the electricity is not provided all the time for you(due to the budget cut). What can you do to survive when the lights off? Can you find them in the dark?

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by: Cortex Vortex Games @CortexVortexGames

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