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FNáFmon: Chapter 1 Free Download may be the greatest FNaF fangame ever to be made or just a joke? No, you will be scared to piss. Check it out now.

Fnáfmon: Chapter 1


FNáFmon: Chapter 1 Free Download is a FNaF fan-made game project coming from CROS. The developer plans to combine Pokémon and Five Nights at Freddy’s into an ultimate epic game. CROS reveals their project will include elements such as 3D, Openworld, Multiplayer, RPG, etc.

About gameplay, the developer announced that FNáFmon: Chapter 1 will be a full RPG game. You have to battle to level up the stats of your FNáFmon, and yourself as well. It may be the card battles like Yu-Gi-Oh. Craft armor and weapons to equip your FNáFmon in order to strengthen them up. You will also be able to date other players in the game, marry them, or something like that. It sounds interesting!

The jumpscare elements may be set in the battle system. The “camera scan” mode will be switched when you find FNáFmon. They will be trying to hide and suddenly jumpscare to attack you.

The developer also plans to make a friendship system. This allows players to make friends and rivalries with each other. Unfortunately, he also said that he has just learned how to use Unity on the internet. Will we have to wait for a long time or it’s just a joke?



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