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FNIA: Expanded Free Download will send you to a horror fight. And the monsters you have to fight in this game will be unique, sexy, and deadly, unlike other FNAF games.

FNIA: Expanded Free Download
FNIA: Expanded

About FNIA: Expanded

FNIA: Expanded Download is getting ready, and you will soon have this game download from CH Play. This version of the game will be free and unique for your experience.

The main point of the game:

In this game, there will be some machines and creatures. They look fantastic, and you could be attracted by their charm.

Don’t let them fool you. If they have your mind, you will soon lose your soul too. These monsters use the body of the machine puppet to get close to the nightguard. And then they will choose the perfect time to take your life away.

FNIA: Expanded will bring you monsters. They will be Foxy, Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica. And they all will come in anime style. The sounds, songs, and also the effect will go in now anime style too.

FNAF game is a page where you can download this horror anime game. This game will soon be updated and have more fun things for you to explore. Have the best experience in this version.


by: Jester07 @Jester07

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