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Fredbear and Friends: Reboot has been updated to give players anything they need in this version. You will have your chance to meet some monsters that are new and unique. Let see some new feature this game has for you:

Fredbear and Friends: Reboot Free Download
Fredbear and Friends: Reboot Free Download
  • The voice in this game has changed. All the voices are remade so players will have a different experience. The more you play this game, the more you will meet strong language. They are monsters and what they tell you is all about death and blood.
  • There will be some cutscene on your game. You can use these details to solve the game. When you have no clue about what you should do next, check out for all the help from these features.
  • FNAF Download will let you download this game for free. But if you need more about this game, you must pay for it. And the price you have to pay will be 5 nights at this horrible place. It Sounds not that hard but let’s see how long you can live.
  • In this game, you will have a camera, and that camera will have night vision. It means you can see in the dark. When hearing something moving, you should check for the monsters. They might know where you are and come straight to your place.

Download Fredbear and Friends: Reboot free!


by: Rarithlynx @Rarithlynx

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