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Grab your Fredbear’s Pizzeria Management Free Download right now and enjoy the “funny” fear out of the blue. In this game, you play it wise or you die. Get to know.

Fredbear’s Pizzeria Management

Fredbear Pizzeria Management Old Minigame Demo!

Fredbear’s Pizzeria Management grasp the concept of players serving in a pizzeria where you can make pizza, of course, and decorate the restaurant.

The game allows you to customize the whole place with wallpapers and ornaments. There are over 11 themes you can make use. More than that, you need to improve the place with a bunch of animatronics. They range from all pieces you can find in the series of FNAF games.

Your aim in this game is to become a top restaurant that serves pizza in the world. The main star of Fredbear’s Pizzeria Management is Fredbear, a golden bear wearing a top black hat and a black bow tie, proving himself a professional pizza maker.

There is a bunch of minigames you can play to collect objects. You will control Freddy in the Minigame Demo to gather 100 batteries falling from above. In other minigames, you will control Bonnie and Balloon. This game is supposed to be fun and entertaining, nothing to be scared of here.


by: TechnoG @TechnoG

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