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Fun Times at Homer’s have offered you a new job. You can be the night guard in our restaurant. There will be some machines in this place, so you have to make sure they are okay. You also have to take care of the kitchen, the office room, and the dining rooms. If there is anything wrong with this place, you must call me on the red phone in your office. “Your Boss.”

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Fun Times at Homer’s

Fun Times at Homer’s Download for PC

That will be your game and also your job, and you need to do like your boss asks you to do. This job will be very hard to do at night because you are not the only one here. Take your time to walk around and explore this place. We will give you all the clues you need to make this restaurant safe from the outside world.

The FNAF Games can also give you free updates for the newer version. You need to follow our page if you want to update your game and make it better. The FNAF is a horror story, and believe it or not, and this is a true story. You will need to remember all the things in it and then use it to fight monsters.

Fun Times at Homer’s download free is a good game for PC and mobile players. Get your best horror game and win it!


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