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Golden Memory 2 APK For Android Free Download is a convenient version of Golden Memory 2 that you can take anywhere just with your android phone.

Golden Memory 2 Android (Old Version Demo) APK For Android


Golden Memory 2 APK For Android Free Download may be a very better version of the old one. This next version has made some changes and fixes some script holes.

This FNaF Android fangame begins its story 17 years after the shutdown of Fredbear’s Family Diner. Fredbear’s Pizza Showtime is announced as reminiscent of all the characters from the old pizzeria.

And of course, they need a nightguard. You’ll be the new watchman, who will work in the office in full security. You’ll also have some chores to complete after your night shift. Make sure everything at the building is fine and try to survive until morning comes. You will face again the deadly animatronics.

With the familiar and simple gameplay, it is not so difficult to approach the game. Golden Memory 2 APK For Android will be a much better version, with the newer design of the character, better visibility, and more realistic sound. You will not be disappointed with this version. Have fun!


by: Ink Games @IgorCraft300BR

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