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Golden Memory free download is easy to operate. But you need to follow us to have all the updates required. This will be a fun Fan game for your adventure.

Golden Memory Free Download
Golden Memory

About Golden Memory

Golden Memory free download will be on the top of this horror game page. This game will allow you to be a monster that belongs to hell. You can also be the man who needs to run from monsters as usual. The game story will be below this post. Please read it and know better about the main game we gave you!

Golden Memory game tale:

We opened a Fredbear Family Diner and worked hard to get people to come to this place. But it seems to be some kind of horrible thing that happens at night in the same place we work. So you will be the security guy we hire to secure this place at night.

Your job will be to watch all the machines and keep people from breaking into this place. But be careful; there will be some things that come to you when the night approaches.

FNaF Fan game is a page where we put all the fun games we have. Free game available on this page. You can check out the main game story to know about that!


by: Wester @Wester

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